In Pakistan, “chips” normally allude to what is known as French fries or potato fries in different areas of the planet. These are daintily cut potatoes that are broiled until fresh and brilliant brown. Here is a straightforward recipe for making Pakistani-style chips:


4 enormous reddish brown potatoes (you can utilize any kind of potato reasonable for searing)
Vegetable oil (for broiling)
Salt to taste

Strip the potatoes and wash them under cool water to eliminate any overabundance starch. Wipe them off with a perfect kitchen towel or paper towels.

Cut the potatoes into slight cuts, around 1/8 to 1/4 inch thick. You can utilize a sharp blade or a mandoline slicer for even and steady cuts.

Place the potato cuts in a bowl of cold water and let them splash for around 30 minutes. This helps eliminate extra starch from the potatoes, bringing about crispier chips.

In the wake of dousing, channel the water and wipe the potato cuts off with a kitchen towel to eliminate any overabundance dampness.

Heat vegetable oil in a profound skillet or a profound fryer to around 350-375°F (175-190°C).

In bunches, cautiously add the potato cuts to the hot oil, guaranteeing they are not packed in the skillet. Sear them until they become brilliant brown and firm, which ought to require around 3-5 minutes for every cluster.

When the chips are cooked, eliminate them from the oil utilizing an opened spoon and move them to a plate fixed with paper towels to deplete any overabundance oil.

While the chips are as yet hot, sprinkle them with salt to taste. You can likewise add different flavors like chaat masala, dark pepper, or paprika for additional character.

Rehash the broiling system with the excess potato cuts until every one of the chips are cooked.

Serve the Pakistani-style chips quickly while they are as yet hot and fresh. They are wonderful as a bite or a side dish to go with your number one principal course.

Make sure to be wary while working with hot oil and to utilize a profound broiling thermometer to guarantee the oil stays at the right temperature. Partake in your natively constructed Pakistani chips with loved ones!


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